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Wanda & Vision Costumes

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Wanda and her brother participated in the secret experiment of Hydra, and were inspired by the gems on Loki's scepter to inspire the inherent chaos magic in her body. After defeating Ultron, she joined the Avengers and awakened as the scarlet witch, who created all things in the myth.

The body of the Vision is made by Ultron using the "cradle of regeneration" and uses Wakanda vibrating gold as the material. The source of life comes from the soul gem on the Rocky Scepter. After the Hulk and Iron Man uploaded Jarvis' consciousness, completed by the activation of Thor's Hammer of Thor's discharge. Because of the spiritual gem, Vision was able to lift Thor's Hammer and then joined the Avengers.

We offer Wanda Costumes and Vision Costumes, as well as styles for children and adults, so you can find cosplay costumes for the entire family. Dress up as your favorite superhero and feel an extraordinary power! Although it cannot be said that you have extraordinary powers when you wear one of our superhero costumes, we do think you must look incredible.