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Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes Ideas

Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf is one of the classic fairy tales that every child will hear when they are young. This is a story of a little girl visiting her grandma. It's just that she likes the red hooded cloak so much that she wears it all the time, so she is called Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, this story does not have to end with a bad ending every time, because when you become the protagonist, you will not be so innocent, and will be more fierce than any bad guy.

Here, you can choose the prominent and eye-catching Little Red Riding Hood cloak in children's style; you can also choose family costumes, and mom and dad can also dress up as fun as a big bad wolf. Choose your favorite combination and tell your best story! Put on your red cloak, pick up your little bamboo basket, walk in the woods, and participate in the perfect Halloween party. 


If you want to add some fairy tale flavor to the theme party or Halloween party, then you can choose one of these cute Little Red Riding Hood dresses.

This sexy little red riding hood costume is sure to make you stand out from any party crowd. Wear the typical Little Red Riding Hood cloak and attract the eyes of those wolves hiding in the dark with a seductive red!



We guess that your child will want to use the Little Red Riding Hood costume to realize their childhood dreams. But there are many different versions of the story.

We are happy to provide you with a wealth of options. With the Little Red Riding Hood costume, she will become a very cute character, and she will also learn a life lesson how to chat with strangers. Now you can have fun!



In addition to Little Red Riding Hood costumes, some people may want to choose villain costumes! If you want to complement the appearance of Little Red Riding Hood, we think the werewolf costume is your ideal choice.

If you have a really bold idea, you can choose this big bad wolf costume and become a typical werewolf. No matter what your appearance looks like, others will definitely feel scared!



Little Red Riding Hood is indeed the essential protagonist, but without a wolf, this story would never happen. In many ancient stories, the wolf describes more ways than the protagonist.

On this Halloween, you can partner with your spouse and make a little red riding hood and wolf costume. This idea is easy to implement, and no matter which way you choose, you will ensure a great time.


Little Red Riding Hood DIY Makeup

The costume of Little Red Riding Hood is appropriately matched with a wig or face to give you a perfect and authentic appearance of Little Red Riding Hood. The Little Red Riding Hood costume is the most popular costume at the theme party and will surely arouse the applause of others.