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Black Panther Deluxe Boy Costume

Superhero Costumes

Halloween is approaching, and choosing Halloween costumes may be a major decision. Do you want something that looks great and is fun to wear? Why not become a superhero for Halloween? Dress up as your favorite superhero and feel the extraordinary power! Although it cannot be said that you have extraordinary powers when you wear one of our superhero costumes, we do think you must look incredible. A good hero starts with a good costume, and this is where we come in!

We offer DIY superhero costumes as well as styles for children and adults, so you can find superhero family costumes for the entire family. There are many heroes between the comic and movie worlds, such as Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers or Suicide Squad. Your costume carnival night must be legendary! Come here to search for your superhero world.

Superhero Costumes for DC

DC Comics and Marvel Comics are also known as the two major comics giants in the United States. It was founded in 1934. In June 1938, the company created the world's first superhero-Superman on the inaugural issue of "Action Comics", which has since rewritten the history of American comics. In May 1939, the company created the world's first superhero without superpowers-Batman in the 27th issue of Detective Comics. Since then, Superman and Batman, as DC's signature characters, each have their own serial comics, and have also started long-term partners, known as "the best partners in the world." In 1967, the company was officially named DC Comics and is still in use today.

It owns Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Shazam, Arrow, and other superheroes, and superheroes such as Justice League, Teen Titans, Dark Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Superhero Corps. Team.

superhero costumes for dc


Superman is a superhero under DC Comics, the first superhero in the history of American comics. He has innate superpowers and a strong sense of justice and compassion. In times of crisis, he wears a blue tight and a red cloak to transform himself into a superhero and fight for justice and save the world.

The origin of Superman has not been outdated in the 1940s or today, and it has always been an excellent science fiction theme. Take a look at some of our curated and most popular Superman costume selections!


superman costume


She is the princess of the Amazon and has always lived on Paradise Island. Diana received training since she was a child, determined to become an invincible fighter. She didn't know her life experience and divine power. As she grew up and trained, she began to discover the differences in her body. She possessed tremendous divine power and her skills became more extraordinary, but she always remained kind in her heart.

In today's world, she is a huge feminist icon! With the Wonder Woman costumes we provide, any woman or girl can become a hero.


wonder woman costumes


Batman is the first superhero without superpowers in the history of comics. During Bruce's childhood, his parents were shot dead in the alley. This incident completely changed Bruce, returning to Gotham many years later, using high-tech equipment and physical stamina made by financial resources to fight crime, and becoming The Dark Knight of Gotham.

If you want to complete Batman Halloween Costume at the Halloween costume party, or want to do some trick-or-treating actions, make sure you look your best and have everything!


batman halloween costume


Sea King Arthur Curry is half-human and half-Atlantis blood, which means that he not only needs to face his own special life experience, but also has to face the test of being a king and fight against evil forces. Courage and determination!

Put on one of our heroic Aquaman costumes and become the ruler of the ocean this Halloween! You can also cooperate with the sea goddess-Mera, you two will work together to knock down all the villains who make mistakes, and everyone you see will also join your ocean camp.


aquaman costumes

Superhero Costumes for Marvel

Marvel Comics is one of the American comic giants. It was founded in 1939 and officially named Marvel in 1961. In April 1939, the company created the world’s first mutant anti-hero in the inaugural issue of "Film Comics Weekly"-Namor McKenzie. This is MARVEL’s first superhero. He is better than the establishment of the company. It will be half a year earlier.

It owns superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk, as well as superhero teams such as the Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Although DC Comics had already seized the opportunity at the time and launched two ace characters Superman and Batman, with novel ideas and wonderful creativity, Marvel still created a new and unforgettable character.

superhero costumes for marvel


Captain America is not born with supernatural powers. After being reformed by the US government, he has become a super soldier with all physical abilities far beyond ordinary people. He is a patriotic Marvel hero, ready to defeat the Nazis, Hydra or any other threats facing his country.

We use the classic blue design of its uniform as a modern element, which fully shows the face of Captain America. This Captain America costume will make anyone a classic American hero and reproduce the style of the movie in a real form.


captain america costume


Iron Man used the Ark reactor as the source of energy to operate, secretly created a suit of armor, escaped after breaking out of the siege, and then participated in the creation of the Avengers.

Now he has a full set of armor and is waiting for you and your companions to join the Avengers, which will make you look like a real hero. Stark Industries is here to provide you with the Iron Man costumes and other supplies you need during this Halloween. Face the fate of the world, please be prepared and ready to save this day!


iron man costumes


Spiderman was accidentally bitten by a radioactively infected spider, so he gained the same superpowers as spiders, and invented the spider web launcher, while protecting New York City and the entire universe from some villains.

Both children and adults can wear Spider-Man’s classic red and blue costumes and roll, jump, climb walls, or hang ropes on the Internet in towns. Regardless of your age or style, there is a black spiderman costume to suit your preferences.


black spiderman costume


Her history began when an officer of the US Air Force was hit by a cosmic energy beam by chance and obtained amazing superpowers. At the same time, she saved the entire universe with this latest appearance and stood next to Captain America.

No matter what kind of activity you are engaged in, we will provide you with many Captain Marvel costumes to help you show your best state. Try on this outfit for the next movie premiere!


captain marvel costumes

Group Superhero Costumes

Of course, choosing superhero costumes for yourself is indeed happy, but it is perfect when you can wear costumes with friends or partners or family, such as the whole group forming a superhero theme.

If you and your friends are ready to unite to save the world, please check out the team superhero costumes we provide. Since the advent of superpower movies, their demand has become greater and greater. When you combine great clothing with great power, your night will be a success!


The Avengers are known as the strongest superhero group on the planet. Although the constantly changing list of members has become a feature of the Avengers, one theme has never changed, and that is to fight against enemies that a single superhero can’t handle. It is also the origin of their famous battle slogan "Avengers, gather!"

When you find a friend who can wear the Hulk costume, we think you will find that your team is ready. What if your friend is a character with Chaos Magic and wearing a Wanda costume? Then your team will become unstoppable!


hulk costume


The Justice League was founded because the heroes know that if they fight alone, no matter how powerful the individual is, there will eventually be a crisis that they cannot cope with. So they gathered together, working together to deal with the threats facing the earth, and jointly justice and freedom.

When you assemble with your friends in the Flash costume, you will have a new and powerful team that far exceeds the ability to frustrate evil conspiracies. Either way, we can ensure that you will have an adventure worthy of the world's greatest superhero!


flash costume