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Food Costumes

Food Costumes for Halloween

What everyone has in common is simple, that is, they like food! No matter which country, region or culture, it has its own national food and drink. This Halloween, dress up as your favorite food, or put on one of our high-quality Halloween costumes!

Everyone knows that a party with complete food is a real party! Put on one of our delicious food costumes and keep everyone full and happy all night long. Whether your favorite food is pizza, bananas, hamburgers, or sandwiches, we can provide a variety of costumes. It can also be paired with chef uniforms to become a family hodgepodge!

In addition, you can also dress up with your friends with grand food and beverage costumes as the theme. If your children want to dress up as their favorite food, then don't miss any delicious costumes we prepare for children and babies. Buy one of our food costumes now and turn this Halloween into a delicious holiday!


Taco is derived from Mexican-style tortillas, also called tacos. For hundreds of years, corn has been the protagonist of Mexican food, and tacos made from corn are the most basic and distinctive food in Mexico.

The adult unisex Taco costumes is suitable for family use, regardless of age, and is a standard size, so it is suitable for most adults. This is a gourmet-based costumes that will look great with optional costume accessories.


taco costumes


These vegetable costumes are bound to be well-received at the farmers' market, and they will shine on Halloween with their unique charm. They are different, but are good for health and are rich in vitamins.

In addition, you can also consider finding one or a group of friends who want to wear different vegeta costumes to see if you can make salads together. Buy your food costume now!


vegetable costumes


Vegetable costumes may be too healthy and tasteless, making it difficult for you to swallow, so consider matching with fruit costumes. In short, adult fruit costumes will always be a hot commercial product!

Don't let this cute and funny Halloween costume escape. When you buy our full set of Halloween costumes and accessories, it looks completely unique to you!


fruit costumes


If you are a gourmet, there is nothing better than matching food to create a flavor bomb in your mouth. Therefore, if you want to be with your partner, we will provide you with some familiar and favorite matches.

This is a couple costume that no one will forget, or attend a costume party, so everyone will know that you two are hot lovers! These costumes are sweet enough to stay in anyone's memory!


couple's food costumes