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Deadpool Costumes

Deadpool was originally a Canadian special soldier. In order to cure his terminally ill, he joined the Weapon X project. Although he was injected with Wolverine's genes, it caused excessive growth of brain cells and people began to become crazy. In addition, the regenerative ability and cancer cells repel each other, resulting in facial disfigurement and scars on the body. He has two swords in one hand and two spears, with a self-healing ability far superior to Wolverine, and a belt that can make himself move instantaneously.

We offer Deadpool Costumes as well as styles for children and adults, so you can find Deadpool cosplay costumes for the entire family. Dress up as your favorite superhero and feel the extraordinary power! Although it cannot be said that you have extraordinary powers when you wear one of our superhero cosplay costumes, we do think you must look incredible.