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Pirate Captain Girl Costume

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Are you looking for pirates? Then you have come to the right place. Why? Because the life of a pirate is really great! Since the 16th century, when navigation was developed, as long as the commercial coastal areas were developed, there have been pirates. Due to the mystery of pirates, pirates have become legendary and even magical elements in people's concepts. We are fascinated by these gangsters or sailing adventurers, maybe this is why we have so many pirate Halloween costumes, they are undoubtedly the favorite choice for parties!

Therefore, whether you are attending a carnival party or just playing tricks in a cute pirate costume with blindfolds, we will do our best to help you find the best pirate Halloween costumes and corresponding accessories. This is the meaning of this guide.

From the Cyclops pirate costume to Captain Hook costume to the famous Pirates of the Caribbean costume, this is the best choice for buying pirate Halloween costumes. No matter what size or style you like, you will definitely find the best and sexiest pirate costume for the party. It's time to put on our adult and children pirate costumes to find hidden treasures! Go shopping now!

Famous Pirate Announcements In History

Pirates do have a unique appearance, so you don't have to worry about someone not recognizing your costume. In fact, pirates also have some well-known pirate captains and sailing backgrounds. These iconic pirate costumes allow you to relive the golden age of pirates. If you want to be a pirate, why not try wearing one of these pirate costumes?


Jack Sparrow is a legendary pirate across the four oceans-one of the nine pirate kings, and a cynical liar in the Caribbean. Although he is a captain whose morality and integrity have been questioned, he has the courage that a pirate should have and will stand up to save his friends in times of crisis. Jack's favorite is freedom, followed by the Black Pearl.

Who doesn't like the Pirates of the Caribbean movie? The prestige of pirates hit a record high here! Seriously, to create the best Halloween costume ever, just wear the Jack Sparrow costume because when you put on this costume, everyone will know you are.



Captain Hook wears a noble hat and a fashionable dress, and likes to dress himself fashionable and elegant. On the one hand, he was treacherous and wicked, and on the other, he lived in fear of being bitten off by a crocodile.

Although he is a fictional character, he is known for being cruel and bloodthirsty in the history of navigation. You can get this stylish men's pirate costume, plus the iconic iron hook and other accessories to add color to the look!


men's pirate costume


Wearing skirts on the high seas may be enough to break most women's ideas. If you are considering working with pirate crews, we recommend that you choose sexy pirate costumes to create a queen-worthy look.

You may find a group of sailors staring at you, but when you show your ferocity, they will know that their thinking is wrong. Scimitar is undoubtedly a reliable weapon, of course, our weapon is a toy. This look can be achieved by slightly modifying the hair and makeup.


sexy pirate costumes


Each pirate has a different purpose on a pirate ship. If she goes to sea as a pirate, what role will your child play? She can start pirate training immediately, and when she chooses this girl's pirate costume, she can start preparing for the sea!

She can also watch some YouTube videos to get the correct facial makeup. When she disembarks to find the legendary treasure, we believe she will be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


girl's pirate costume


Sail with your partner and enjoy the scenery of the Caribbean high seas together! But if the corresponding appearance is not purchased, it is unlikely to happen. Seriously, the theme of pirates is one of the funniest and most creative ways for you to party.

Whether you are hunting for treasures or admiring the scenery along the way, you will surely create many precious memories. Just choose this pirate couple costume, you can take the experience of pirate costume from ordinary to extraordinary.


pirate couple costume


Although we provide many pirate costumes, you can also create an amazing event party! From pirate flag, tableware or unique pirate birthdays' decoration, it looks incredible to everyone!

This guide provides you with decoration skills and creative accessories for the event to help you choose the right products. It must be the perfect focal point for your pirate party!


pirate flag