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Tableware Hello Kitty Printing Kit

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  • Color: Pink
  • Main fabric composition: Food grade paper printing
  • Specifications: Tablecloth Width 108 cm, Length 180 cm; Plate 7 - 9 inches
  • Weight: 850 g per pack
  • Contain: 1pcs Tablecloth, 10pcs Plate, 10pcs Paper cup, 1pcs Pennant, 20pcs Paper towel, 6pcs Paper hat, 10pcs Knife, 10pcs Fork, 10pcs Spoon,10pcs Whistle, 10pcs Straw, 6pcs horn, 10pcs Toothpick flags, 10pcs Popcorn box, 6pcs Gift bag, 6pcs Candy box, 1pcs Pennant


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