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Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Captain Jack - Customized

$315.99 $451.41
  • SKU: cos-product-us20210703-057
  • Sales: 17
Tailor-made Guide
If you can't find what you want, we also support tailor-made. Please note that we at least need to know your Height, Bust, Waist, Hip, Shoulder Width, and Weight in order to tailor it. Of course, you can contact us by email to send your specific size. Or, you can leave a message on the checkout interface of your order.

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  • Color: As shown
  • Size: XXS, XS, S, M ,L, XL, XXL, 3XL
  • Main fabric composition: Linen slub, cotton linen, cotton cloth, cotton linen cloth, suede
  • Applicable gender: Male
  • Error range: 1 - 5 cm
  • Contain: Coat, vest, trousers, shirt, three belts, sword set, fox hair ornaments, two red and white striped cloth strips, hat, headscarf, one set of hand accessories, bracelet, wig (three beads, horn hairpin)
Size Height/cm Bust/cm Waist/cm Hips/cm
XXS 155-160 71-75 59-63 72-76
XS 160-165 77-81 65-96 78-82
S 165-170 83-87 71-75 84-88
M 170-175 89-93 77-81 90-94
L 175-180 95-99 83-87 96-100
XL 180-185 103-107 91-95 104-108
XXL 185-190 111-115 99-103 112-116
3XL 190-195 119-123 107-111 120-124

Reviews (1)

Este vestido es genial, tiene una muy buena relación calidad-precio y los accesorios son geniales. El largo de la manga es un poco corto. Tuvimos que hacer algunos ajustes, pero aún se ve muy bien.

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