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Striped Parent-child Prisoner Family Costume

$26.99 $57.12
  • SKU: wxaz-dfvn7-uTSlXG-6604
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heartProduct Description:

We guess that even if you are in prison, with you and your family, the cell will be full of fun! This classic prison uniform is definitely your first choice. The men's style includes striped shirts and trousers, and the women's style includes skirts. They are all designed from the old prison uniforms with matching hats. Made of 100% polyester, with elastic tie, suitable for everyday wear and take off. To be sure, this will be a relaxed and interesting outfit look.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: White and Black
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Applicable gender: Women, Men, Kids
  • Error range: 1-3 cm
  • Included: Top, Pants, Hat; Hat, Dress

Available Sizes:

Size Length/cm Pants/cm Chest/cm Waist/cm
Kids-S 45.5 65 68 49
Kids-M 49 71 72 51
Kids-L 53 77 76 533
Men-M 70 102 90-110 /
Men-XL 73 104 98-118 /
Women-M 82 / 88 72
Women-XL 84 / 98 80

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This costume was cute, well-made and comfortable.

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